HU's emblem is the Shield with the title of HU underneath and a torch on top. Inside the Shield, are a Ma Hat Tree, book and the wheel of life.

The meaning of HU's symbolic

Wheel of life

"Wheel of life" It is the symbolic of Dharma or the doctrine of the Buddha and goodness. HU realizes the dharma that is necessary for students to live peacefully in the society.

A Torch

"A Torch" It symbolizes lights of wisdom and success. HU strives to instigate students' thoughts to become the lights of wisdom.


"Book" A book is the centre of knowledge that empowers the students’   wisdom and thoughts.

Mahat Tree

"Mahat Tree" It symbolizes a big tree in the Hatyai’s legend that originates from the hearsay of ancestors in Hatyai.

             The holistic meaning of Hatyai University's emblem as a whole is the confident intention to develop the Thai youths in their field of study to the professional standard, and to maintain Thai traditional and culture, and preserve the environment. Also, HU strives to help the students apply the gained knowledge and morality to their lives.

Hatyai University Colors




Brave and Strength

Purity, Virtue and Ethics

Love, Harmony and Devotion

             The meaning of the color schemes as a whole : HU helps Thai Southern youths realize the importance of learning and facilitate them in learning seriously in order to develop the quality of life and environment in the society.