Hatyai University is one of the fastest growing private universities in Thailand by with an increasing numbers of students. The University began its operation with only 180 students taking class in 1 faculty with 3 curricula. After 4 years since its inception, Hatyai University has more than 3,000 students. Currently, the University is offering 14 curricula operated in 5 faculties. The University with its primary aims on the academic standard, is thus fully accredited by the Ministry of University Affairs. Our graduates therefore, are full of ability to facilitate the social development with their honour and equivalent to the graduates from the government universities.

             The most important achievement of our university is the continuing development of the educational administration especially the quality of the graduates as the motto "Quality of graduates is our goal". Thus the quality assurance plan is officially established. Furthermore, the University keeps working hard to achieve the university status in 2003-2004.


- Establishment of Hatyai City College and the first faculty was Faculty of Business Management offered 1 curriculum; Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA.) (4-year program) in 3 fields; Management, Accounting and Marketing.

- There were 182 students

- The 1st strategy plan of university development was set up (1997-2001)


- Faculty of Business Management offered 2-year program in 1 curriculum (Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA.) in 3 fields: Management, Accounting and Marketing.

- There were 847 students (increased 665 students from 1997).


- Official Foundation Ceremony of Hatyai City College was conducted on 20 February 1999 by the Prime Minister, Mr. Chuan Leekpai to preside over the ceremony.

- The Faculty of Business Management offered 2 fields (4-year program and 2-year program); Business Computer and Human Resources Management.

- There were 1,808 students (increased 961 students from 1998).


- The Faculty of Law was founded to offer the new curriculum; Bachelor of Laws (LLB.)

- HU 1st Graduation Ceremony was launched for the students who graduated Continuing program in Faculty of Business Management.

- There were 2,417 students (increased 609 students from 1999).


- The Faculty of Liberal Arts was founded to offer the new curriculum; Bachelor of Arts (BA.) in Business English program (4-year program).

- The Graduate School was founded to offer the new curriculum; Master of Education (M.Ed.) in 1 field; Educational Administration.

- There were 3,205 students (increased 788 students from 2000).

- Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony was conducted between Universiti Utara Malaysia and Hatyai University.

- Official Signing Agreement of Establishment of Authorized Sun Education Center (ASEC) was conducted between Microsystems and Hatyai University. It is the first center in Southern of Thailand having its goal to be the center of producing the Java programmers.

- Implementation plan of the quality assurance was set up.

- Implementation plan of the university development was set up for the 2nd period (2002-2007).


- Faculty of Science and Technology was founded to offer the new curriculum; Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (4-year program) in 1 field; Information Technology.

- There were 3,651 students (increased 446 students from 2001).

- Joint hosted with the National Education Committee and Universiti Utara Malaysia for the International Conference on the Challenge of Learning and Teaching in a Brave New World (CoLT 2002). There were over 200 administrators and academic officers from 22 countries around the world participated in this conference.


- Hatyai City College obtained the changing of the university status to be Hatyai University.

- There were 4,138 students (increased 487 students from 2002).