A Message from Vice President for Student Development and Community Relations

Dr.Niwat Sawatkaew

         Hatyai University is a leading private university in Thailand with the goal of expanding higher education and academic excellence.

         I would like to express my congratulations and welcome to all of you to Hatyai University. Our students will work together on many activities, including with various student clubs. Activities from outside and within the university will be coordinated systematically in accordance with the knowledge, moral and skills acquired.

         Just as we strive for academic excellence, we support regional and national sports, especially the Universities Sport of Thailand. In the 2013 academic year, Ms. Viola Jepchirchir Kimeli, a student from Didyasarin International College won the 41th Annual Sport University of Thailand for the Best Female Athlete. She was awarded three gold medals in track for the 1,500 meters, 5,000 meters (a record), and 10,000 meters races. She also won in other sports, including five silver medals in track and pétanque and two bronze medals in athletics.

         Also, HU administrators strive to build professional networking in the community. Thus, as a result of all these factors, Hatyai University is continuing its development as a leading university in Southern Thailand.

         To meet our goals of becoming good citizens and meeting the demands of the labor in the ASEAN market, students must organize their own lives, prepare, and enjoy all of the opportunities offered while studying at Hatyai University. The established system and discipline will enable graduates to continue to develop their talents and be productive members of society.

Dr.Niwat Sawatkaew               
Vice President for Student Development
and Community Relations

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