Message from the Vice President for Administration

Dr.Tharnpas Sattayaraksa

         In the New era of New Economy, the survival of the nation, organization, society and locality depend upon the knowledge and intellect of people in organization. In the present, the information technology undergoes endless changes. Thus, people who don't keep up with the rapidly changing world fail.

         The preliminary tools for living with the rapidly changing world is the internet and information technology. The students should realize and give an importance in order to access the useful data. Besides that, the students should also think over, analyze and synthesize the applicable information.

         Time is the equivalent factor for everyone. The students should spend their time wisely (good time management) both in the class and outside the classroom.

         I would like to welcome all new students to Hatyai University and I wish that they will be successful in their lives.

Dr.Tharnpas Sattayaraksa       
Vice President for Administration    

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