Message from the Licensee and Vice Chairperson of HU Council

Madam Praneet Didyasarin

         As the founder and patron of Hatyai University, it is my great pride to welcome you all to this great institution. Hatyai University was established in 1997 and became the first private institution of higher learning in Songkhla province. It is very fortunate for the students who are enrolling in this institution where there are many qualified and competent instructors in various programs of study offering major courses in laws, management, including business English and a master's degree program in educational administration, together with a new program of information technology to be offered in 2002.

         As the University Council's Vice Chairperson of this young but strong Hatyai University, I can assure to you all that the University Council members, the administrators and the faculty members are working together synergistically under the office of University Affairs' jurisdiction to develop this institution of higher learning to be first class in teaching, researching and rendering academic services to Thai Southern Communities, together with fostering ethics and morality. The main roles and duties of Hatyai University are to instigate knowledgeable graduates and empower them to keep up with the rapidly changing world, which become The Knowledge Based Economy, to be capable and productive members of our society and good citizens of the country.

Madam Praneet Didyasarin    
Licensee and Vice Chairperson of HU Council

In memory of Mr. Pradit Didyasarin

           Mr. Pradit Didyasarin, who was the owner of Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group, passed away from our school group members and his family , together with a strong determination and with his dedication to education. He still keep be in our memory. He was diligent in his work, and he had other good qualities like discipline, , kindness, generousity and he also maintains Buddhistic values.


He was acclaimed as a good by teachers, students and his family.

           With his administration, he worked systematically accentuating the tidiness of the school, discipline and a code of teacher conduct.

           Both teachers and students, who had worked in this school, was always satisfied with his administration. Mrs. Praneet stated that Mr. Pradit is still very much in her memory of the footsteps of her father.

           Hatyai Amnuaywit School Group produce competent and excellent graduates in Southern of Thailand and beyond. Also, they create a good reputation for HU.

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