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  Hatyai Business School
 HBS Bldg., 1st floor /074-200305
  Faculty of Law
 Phuket Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200317-318
  Faculty of Liberal Art and Education
 Suratthani Bldg., 2rd floor /074-200358
  Faculty of Science and Technology
 Songkhla Bldg., 1rd floor /074-200300 ext 105,305
  Faculty of Political Science
 Phuket Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200300 ext 248
  Faculty of Communication Arts
 UPlaza Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200300  ext 208-209
  Graduate School
 HBS Bldg., 5nd floor/ 074-200300 ext 662
  DIDYASARIN International college  Phuket Bldg., 1st floor/ 074-200300  ext 242
  President Office
 Narathiwat Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200336
  Office of Academic Affair
 Narathiwat Bldg., 3rd floor/ 074-200346
  Office of Resource Management
 Suratthani Bldg., 2nd floor/ 074-200351
  Office of Registrar
 Narathiwat Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200332
  Office of Student Affairs
 Sport Center & Student Union Bldg. /074-200370
  Office of Research and Development
 Songkhla Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200316
  Office of Policy and Budget
 Narathiwat Bldg., 3rd floor /074-200344
  Office of Promotional and Extension Services
 UPlaza Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200392-394
 Computer Center
 Songkhla Bldg., 2nd floor/074-200321
 Cultural and Community relation Center
 Preneetsilp Art and Culture Center/074-200376
  Human Resources Management
 Narathiwat Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200340
  Office of Communication
 UPlaza Bldg., 2nd floor /074-200300
  Career Development Center
 UPlaza Bldg., 1st floor /074-200386
  Hatyai University Alumni Association
 Sport Center & Student Union Bldg. 2nd floor
  Cooperative Education
 UPlaza Bldg., 1st floor / 074-200387 
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