Size: width 90 cm. length 120 cm. (each per title)

Each consists of

• Title. Name(s) of researcher(s). Institute or affiliation.
• Body/Content:
(1) Abstract, describing the empirical details relevant to the conference theme;
(2) Introduction section – describe basis, background on the previous work, including purposes of the research;
(3) Methodology – identify the method of data collection, timing, sample, and data analysis;
(4) Results – identify the most crucial finding, somehow by dividing into sub-topics, and also select the only important subjects which seem to be the main point of education; and
(5) Discussion or Review – perhaps in result assessment form in order to focus on evaluating the content of the research.
• Conclusion : in simply and easily understandable summary
• References : choose only concerned

The poster(s) shall be sent and submitted by June 5, 2017

The owner or the candidate who is willing to keep his/her own poster(s) can contact the officers or the coordinators at the exhibition area On Thursday 22th June, 2017 by 4.30 p.m. (If overdue, the organizers will take no further responsibility for any actions or problems subsequently occurring.)

Documents received on the date of conference

- Abstract Book
- Proceedings will be subsequently published on the university's website and made available for downloads


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