Facilities and Services

U-PLAZA - "Living and Learning Zone"

Newly opened U-Plaza is situated on the northern side of campus. It has a total floor area over 10,000 sq.m., housing plaza zone, exhibition zone, educational services zone, classrooms and studio.A passenger lift is installed. Office hour: Monday-Sunday 08.00-18.00 , except public holidays.

U-Plaza directory:

Ground floor:
car park, visual arts studio, security office.
First floor:
Air conditioned cafeteria (HU cash fund /smart card is used),Cartoon zone, the Espresso, Khun Tik Hair beauty salon, Double A copy service, Promotion products shop, Nong Yok gift shop,Amnuywith school shop. Fatin Imy islam food shop, Welcome Phone, Maoke Nukjung, Kanom and Kanom snack shop.Thai Post, KrungThai Bank, Cafe de CHAMP, Oriental Beauty Center and the University Bookstore.
Second floor:
SOS, HU Staff Common Lounge, Student Career Placement office, Office of Promotion and Extention Services, Faculty of Communication Arts office, Classrooms.
Third floor:
The Language Center, main seminar room (U-309), MOS-Prometric Test Center, Net design Center, Computer laboratory, U-studio, Classical Music Chamber.
The PHUKET building-our new home! DIDYASARIN International College is now located in the Phuket building (#8) since 3rd November 2008. This is our building directory:

DIDYASARIN International College secretary office
  Room# 8101 Phone 242,243
Dean Office/Guest lecturers office   Room# 8102 Phone 244
The Staff Library/Common room   Room# 8103 Phone 245
Dept. of Multimedia and Graphic Design   Room# 8203 Phone 253
Dept. of Business Chinese   Room# 8203 Phone 254
Dept. of Business English   Room# 8205 Phone 256-257
Dept. of International Business Management   Room# 8205 Phone 256-257

International zone:
The international zone, located in the Phuket building , is a special designated area under non-discriminatory policy, suitable for conducting teaching and learning in an international environment. Multi-lingual medium of communication will be encouraged.

SOS (Student One Stop Service)

This is an one stop admission office located on second floor U-Plaza, where students may apply for admission, getting interview and paying initial tuition fee (7,000 baht). Pay-in Slip may be made over counter for the Bank of Ayudhya (A/C No. 158-0-01268-4) and the Thai Army Bank A/C No. 460-1-05048-9).

International Students Association (in preparation)
This is an association of international program students in which multi-cultural activities will be carried out. It also serves as a focal point of contact with the same in other institutions. All students are welcome to join as members, the Association will get support from the Student Development Affair Office.

Library and Reading rooms

The main University library (so called:Academic Resource Center) is located on the third floor, Surathani building. Library hour 07.45-18.00 Monday-Sunday. It provides reading support services, circulation services, reserved book services, reference service, library use service, audio resource room services, group discussion room, and internet services for education. Foreign texts are especially housed in a room on the third floor. Students may search for reading media through eLibrary service.

Students may apply for eLibrary, eDatabase,eJournal services.

Reading room will also provided at the DIDYASARIN International College ,where students and staff are welcome to browse through reading materials.

Language Center

The Language Center,located on third floor U-plaza, is responsible for conducting language classes ,especially in English, for all students.The language laboratory equipped with “Tell me more” software package for self learning is also operated on third floor Surathani building.

Internet and computer services

Students may apply for internet, eService,eClassroom access at the Computer Center located on the second floor, Songkhla building.The University provides both LAN and wireless computer network in all buldings. For eService : http://www.hu.ac.th/eservices/


There are two cafeterias, one on ground floor Surathani building, and the new airconditioned cafeteria located on the first floor U-plaza. Thai and muslim food stalls are separated. Payment for food and drink is done via electronic card.


The new modernized bookstore is located on first floor U-plaza. Textbooks, newspaper, and stationary will be offered.

Banking facilities

KrungThai Bank is located on the first floor U-Plaza.

Photo-copy service

The Double A shop is located on first floor U-Plaza

MOS and prometric test center

In cooperation with ITIT , the University set up accredited test center on third floor U-Plaza . The Center offers students, staff and general public for test on MOS-Microsoft Office Specialist (3 levels:core,Expert and Master on MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, MSAccess and MS Outlook) and prometric test in information technology. Students who passed these tests will find themselves better places in the world of IT.
>>For more information, please visit http://www.hu.ac/itcert/

HU Net Design center

Short courses on multimedia and internet designs are offered at a nominal charge.
>>For more information ,please visit http://www.hu.ac.th/hu-netdesign


Located on the third floor,U-plaza building, it is a communication arts laboratory.

Visual Arts Studio (illustrating and drawing laboratory)

This is a laboratory for class in illustrating and drawing in the Multimedia and Graphic Design program. It is located on the ground floor ,west end of U-Plaza building.

Classical Music chamber

The University set up a music chamber on third floor U-Plaza for rehearsal classical music. A Thai classcial ensemble is located in the Praneetsilp Center.

Praneetsilp (Cultural) Center

A uniquely designed center with Southern architecture for performing arts , playing music and exhibiting southern/Hatyai historical artifacts. The Center was inaugurated on the University 10th anniversary.

Sport center

Sport center is located in a large building which also serves as main auditorium for graduation ceremony, fairs and exhibits.The Center provides sport facilities for basketball, valleyball, fitness. It also maintains a new tennis court on the University ground.

First Aid-Health center

The University operates a small health center for general health care and first aid.A small number of common drugs and pills are available.The center is located on the second floor Surathani building.Open Monday-Saturday 08.00-17.00

Student Alumni Association

Alumni association office is housed in the Sport center.

U-Radio 101.25 MHz

The University is licensed to operate the community radio station at frequency 101.25.MHz. It provides community service and serves as a training laboratory for students in the faculty of communication arts .The radio operates on air and via internet on Monday-Sunday 6.30-22.00 hr.
>>For more information, please visit www.hu.ac.th/uradio

Student Union

A new building serves as an office space for student union and clubs. It is located next to the Sport Center.

Territorial Defence Training for male students

Male students may continue their territorial defence training at the University until completion, please contact the Student Development office.

Muslim prayer room

The University provides a prayer room in Surathani building for all Muslims.

University Garden

The green campus is covered with many wood trees and gardens. The plants on campus are also supported by fund under the patronage of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn school project on Plants Genetics Conservation.

Car services

The University maintains a fleet of vans, bus, truck and sedan. They are for University official use only. Students on excursion may book bus through Student Development Affair office.Tuk-tuk station is located near the front gate.

Car Park/Driving

The University provides ample car and motorcycle parking area. Students should apply for University parking permit and be cooperative when stopped by the security guards for check at thae gates.Visitors parking is specifically designated. Drivers should be aware of new Traffic Law (31 January B.E.2551) prohibiting use of mobile phones while driving.

Green Campus

The beutifiul green environment of the University's campus is most conductive for study and living.In recent months, the University has already planted even more wood trees and created more gardens. The University has joined the School Botanic Garden under the Royal Patronage and has been given membership number 7-90110-001 on 29th January 2008.Campus shuttle service for staff and students are now provided by two electric golf cars. Most classrooms have been installed with key tags for energy saving purpose.Solar cell operated emergency sign posts have also been erected.Smoking has been totally banned in all public places. No drugs and alcoholic beverages are allowed on campus.Crime on campus is non-existent.