Dr.Patcharee Scheb-Buenner
Acting Dean of Didyasarin International College

“International Program Students are required to study Intensive Course for improving their English-language skills”

Program Offerings

English Department (5-Year International Program)

Qualified English language teachers are in high demand. DRIC’s Bachelor of Education Program is accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Council of Thailand. Students take coursework for four years with qualified, experienced instructors and, for hands-on practical experience, practice teaching in high schools for one year. English is used as a medium of instruction of this curriculum.

International Business Management Department (4-Year International Program)

In a globalized and highly competitive world, knowledge of international business management is very important. This program offers education in international business and trade management. All classes are taught in English. Graduates may find a job in international trade, finance, and other fields. The major provides ample opportunity for students to opt for private entrepreneurship and independent business.

Business Chinese Department

Business Chinese is designed to promote mastery of the China language. Both professional Thai and Chinese instructors work closely with students to teach and oversea development of students. The curriculum not only encourages students to communication fluently as Chinese speakers but also learn Chinese business management and business Chinese for different careers. Students take course for 1 semester at recognized Chinese universities

Tourism Industry Department (Airline Business)

Tourism is an important sector of economic development. This program is designed to combine theories and practices of the tourism and airline business delivered by experienced, knowledgeable instructors. Students will be equipped with effective communication skills as well as hands-on experience to develop their hospitality and managerial skills. The mediums of instruction are Thai and English.

Applicant's Qualifications

1. An applicant must graduate from grade 12 or equivalent from institutions as recognized by the Ministry of Education.
2. An applicant must not suffer from any serious illness or diabilities which may impair his/her study.
3. An applicant should have no record of serious misconduct.
4. An applicant should be proficient in English as determined by credentials and/or examinations.
**There is no quota system for students , students are admitted on first come first serve basis.

Related document, (Copy all documents in A4 size)

1. A copy of college or university transcript
2. A copy of high school certificate or dipoma
3.A copy of Identity card or passport
4. Two copies of 1 inch photographs
5. A copy of TOEFL or IELTS certificate( if any)
6. A copy of honour or award certificates (if any)
7. Certificate of proficiency in language or computer (if any)

Admission : Entry Requirements

1. If no TOEFL , IELTS or equivalent test score is provided.Applicants must later take the University English placement test in early June. Remedial class in English may be required for some students.
2. No written entrance examination is required, however, the applicant must be available for short interview .
3. Upon being admitted , the applicant must confirm the acceptance and pay some entrance fee.

International University Collaborations



The people's republic of China


Assumption University (ABAC)


University of Sains Malaysia

Universiti Utara Malaysia

Universiti Perlis Malaysia

Universiti Teknologi Mara

  The people's republic of China

Yunnan Normal University

Yunnan University

Liuzhou City Vocational College

Guangxi Normal University

Henan Normal University